Outlook’s common errors and their solution

Are you having trouble while accessing Outlook’s Service? Don’t worry; here is the list of Outlook’s Common errors and their solutions.




Outlook is one of the most widely used email services because of its user-friendly interface and its advanced features which make organizing work and sharing information at work place, even easier and secure but as people use to say that not every time is same, similarly it is not necessary that Outlook will help you always, there are chances that sometimes it may put you or your work in trouble by giving some error.

Here is the list of some Outlook’s common error and their solution:
  1. Error: Outlook is working slow

You came across this error when the size of your Outlook PST becomes so large that it makes your Outlook’s processing totally slow.

Solution: When this error took place that makes you go crazy totally as your scheduled gets destroyed completely. As the solution of this error, you need to remove selected or all from your PST. You should remove all old mails especially the ones who have heavy attachments, remove those folders which are larger than 100 kb. Also, delete files from trash and archive your data by year.

  1. Error: Unexpected crash of Outlook

This error usually took place because of add-ins. We know, generally, add-ins help you to work with Outlook. But the other side is there are some bad add-ins which may have bugs or may be poorly written and thus result in an unexpected crash of your Outlook that too without warning.

Solution: To find those bad add-ins which result in this error you should run your Outlook in safe mode. If still your Outlook’s crash then it means it is not due to add-ins. But if it works properly without any issue, in that case, contact our tech expert at Outlook Customer Service center and they will assist you further in the removal of required add-ins to prevent this error.

  1. Error: Spam email is being sent by your Outlook

If receiver claimed that a spam email comes by the name of your account but you know that it wasn’t sent by you, this condition puts you in a quite confusing situation. The common reason behind this could be the malware-infected computer or your email account is being hacked.

Solution: As solution firstly use any trusted antivirus program and secondly change your password also and if you can’t do it, you can contact us at Outlook Support Numbers.

  1. Error: Your Outlook’s PST gets corrupted

This puts in you in big trouble. And almost your every work gets interrupted with some error. And you are unable to access any of your data.

Solution: Use SacnPST.exe file which is available from Microsoft itself. You can find it in your Outlook installation folder and you just need to run it.

In case, you lost all your emails due to any of the error which causes damage to your Outlook PST file, then, in that case, use PST Repair Tool for assured recovery of all your emails.

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