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November 1, 2017
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November 1, 2017

Outlook customer support provides a broad range of services and solutions to a user who faces issues or has any query about outlook email services and subscription. Our Outlook Tech support offers remarkable solutions for errors that eat up your head like Outlook not sending emails. We aim to provide services and solutions at every step and focus on delivering optimal results.

In the present times, Outlook is one of the most popular calendars and email applications across the world. With a large number of users, companies and individuals around the globe depend on Outlook for ensuring that their communications keep running in a smooth manner. Individuals and businesses usually manage contacts, time and emails by making use of Outlook. They also rely on this application for scheduling meetings and sharing calendars.

Outlook Not Sending Emails

Advanced versions of Outlook have several exclusive services such as online conferencing. But Outlook not sending emails is probably a very common problem that the users of this email application tend to suffer from. Already composed emails remain in the Outbox folder with Outlook not being able to send them no matter whatever you do.

Possible Causes of Outlook Not Sending Emails

Some causes might result in Outlook not sending mail problem. Before getting the right solution for this problem, it is necessary for users to have an idea of the major or minor reasons that can result in this issue. Having an idea about these reasons can help users in finding the right solutions. However, the first thing that needs to be done on the part of the users is checking whether they are receiving any error message when trying to send emails in Outlook. Possibly, one of the most common reasons behind Outlook not sending emails issue might be that the message is quite large or it carries a huge attachment. If this is the main problem, then the only option for you would be deleting the messages from your outbox.  Other reasons behind Outlook not sending emails error include:

  • Password not being appropriately authenticated with the mail server
  • Wrong password
  • A specific add-in that is marking emails as Read if you visit the Outbox
  • Unavailability of a default mailing account
  • Mail server or Outlook is offline
  • Outlook send emails settings or corrupt
  • A program that accesses OST or PST data is being used like Lync or Desktop Search
  • An antivirus or antispam scanner is scanning all outgoing mails

Solutions for Outlook Not Sending Mail Problem

Some of the best solutions that you can use for Outlook not sending mails problem are as follows:

Resending Email Messages

One of the most straightforward solutions to Outlook not sending emails error is trying and resending the email all over again but manually. You can do this by clicking on the outbox folder and opening the mail that has been unsent. You can do this by double-clicking on the mail. Once the mail is open, you can click on the send button. This will probably change the email status, and Outlook will send the mail all over again.

Checking Server Status

Messages in Outlook might not be delivered if the mail server is offline. One of the best and the quickest methods of checking server status is by having a look at the Outlook window. 

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