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October 31, 2017
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November 1, 2017

Outlook tech support provides a wide range of solutions to clients who face issues while working on MS Outlook email. Microsoft Outlook customer service is the best platform for the users to get hideous errors such as Outlook Not Responding solved. 

Errors like Outlook not sending emails and Outlook Not Responding aren’t easy to get resolved. Such errors need experts guidance. Outlook Tech support provides you with the best other detailed steps can get all your Outlook issues solved. Microsoft Outlook is a highly advanced but at the same time a very complicated email software. It works in the form of a top quality connectivity tool offering great flexibility. Nevertheless, it comes with add-ins that are not trustworthy and can result in the poor quality functioning of this email client. Outlook is designed explicitly for archiving Inbox emails that help in reducing the size of the mailbox. But, as more and more emails get added, the size of the mailbox increases making it very difficult for Outlook to offer proper access to the mailboxes. This results in Outlook not responding issues. Additionally, the anti-virus programs running on computers and laptops can also prevent Outlook from reacting correctly. This is because of the advanced security settings of these programs.

Outlook Not Responding

Reasons behind Outlook Not Responding Issue

Some reasons can be cited for Outlook not responding problem or error. This is an error that seems to be quite frequent with Outlook freezing or hanging while accessing one’s email account. The most common reasons behind Outlook not responding problems include:

  • Heavy mailbox
  • Outdated Outlook
  • Different procedures are using outlook
  • Corrupt profile of the user
  • Corrupt Office programs
  • Problem with add-ins that are installed with Outlook
  • Damaged or corrupt data files in Outlook
  • Problem with the antivirus software being used with Outlook
  • Problem with other applications running along with Outlook
  • Failure in installing the latest Outlook updates
  • External content is being loaded by Outlook like images in mail messages

Since there are several reasons behind Outlook not responding problem, it is essential to be noted by users that there are different solutions available for this issue as per the causes. Therefore, it is necessary for the users to comprehend the right source of the problem and then accordingly work on the solution.

Solutions for Outlook Not Responding Problem

Some of the most important solutions that work for Outlook not responding problem are as follows:

  • Installing the latest Outlook updates
  • Ensuring that other procedures are not using outlook
  • Investigating possible issues with add-ins
  • Checking if the problem has been the result of external contents
  • Checking the size of the mailbox
  • Repairing all kinds of Office program problems if they do exist
  • Restoring the damaged data files in Outlook
  • Installing an updated antivirus program that does not conflict with Outlook
  • Performing selective startup
  • Creating a different user profile

Apart from the above mentioned individual steps, there are other detailed steps that can also be followed for solving Outlook not responding error. Repairing and updating Outlook would help users in solving the problem from its very root.

outlook customer service number

Contact Microsoft Outlook support services

ms outlook customer service

Though one of the solutions mentioned above would work for Outlook not responding issue, if nothing works, it is time for you to contact our  Outlook tech support department for getting required assistance. You can use our dependable Outlook technical help for all kinds of problems that you might be facing with Microsoft Outlook. For making a connection with our Outlook customer support, you can contact us on our Toll-free Outlook customer service number 1-888-802-4394. Our dedicated experts are available 24X7 to resolve your issues as soon as possible. You can even chat with one of our executives through Outlook Live-Chat. Get in touch with us now!

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