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November 1, 2017
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We at Microsoft Outlook Tech Support provide best services and solutions for all Outlook issues. The common problems that may occur while using Outlook such as Outlook not receiving emails and Outlook not sending emails can be solved by our Outlook customer service team. All you need to do is call us on our Toll-Free support number 1-888-802-4394. Our experts have a vast knowledge about all the issues and their corresponding best results. 

Are you not getting any emails in your Outlook? It is entirely possible for Outlook users to come across this problem when making use of Microsoft Outlook. However, the surprising thing here is that you might not have any problems in sending emails from your Outlook account. Some signs of this issue include:

  • Mails are being sent but are not being received from Outlook, yet you are receiving no errors
  • Mails were being received recently without any problems
  • Other users are not having this problem, or the problem is simply isolated to only your Outlook account

Outlook Not Receiving Emails

It is necessary for Outlook users to know that there is technical help available for this issue. Tech support can easily be garnered at Outlook customer service just by calling the phone number of the customer care department.

Reasons behind Outlook not receiving emails problem

There are several reasons behind Outlook users not receiving emails in their Outlook account or some emails being missed in the email account. One of the major reasons behind this problem can be the setting in Microsoft Outlook that might leave mail on the server after the user has read it and has thus filled the mailbox of the user. Other reasons behind this problem include:

  • Messages might have been treated in the form of spam
  • There might be a filter in the mail of the user which means that the messages will be refilled somewhere else
  • The user might have inadvertently changed the display options in his or her email handler
  • The user might have downloaded his or her mail onto some other computer when he or she checked his mail
  • Outlook might have auto archived the user’s mail
  • Outlook might be working offline

Solutions to Outlook not receiving emails Problem

There are different solutions for the Outlook not receiving emails issue, and they are as follows:

  • Check service status: Check the service status in your Outlook and if you find it green then try to wait until the service is back and running regularly.
  • Check the junk email folder: Try looking for missing emails in the Junk Email Folder in your Outlook. If you find messages in the folder that should have been marked as junk then right click all the emails and select Mark as not junk. This will have the messages transferred to your inbox.
  • Clean the inbox: Your inbox might be full, and thus it might not be receiving emails. Therefore, to make room in the mailbox, empty the junk folder by deleting all the mails. You also have the option of additional sweeping emails from archive folders or inbox. Sweeping allows you to delete all the incoming mails automatically from a certain sender. 
  • Check the inbox sort and filter settings: If you find that your inbox is filtering messages based on categories or the sort order is completely different from the one usually used, you might have problems receiving emails. Sorting and filtering settings need to be adjusted for overcoming the problem.

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Microsoft outlook customer service number

We at Outlook Support provide best solutions for all the errors faced by the user. We aim to provide best services to the Outlook users. Outlook Tech Support team is always available to help you out and resolve your query. You can connect with our executives through the phone call or Live-Chat portal. Call us on our Toll-Free Outlook Tech support phone number 1-888-802-4394. Or chat with our experts online. We have many great minds working together for Outlook customer support service

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