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October 31, 2017
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November 1, 2017

Some errors are hard to understand and solve. One such is Outlook Certificate Error. It can happen due to numerous reasons. The best you can do is contact Outlook Tech Support, through Toll-Free phone number 1-888-802-4394.

The Outlook certificate error is a very difficult to understand error meaning that the security certificate being used by Outlook is invalid or has expired for some reasons. This error can either occur during the installation procedure or when using Connect for Outlook option. It can also occur during Outlook startup and use the procedure. There are several solutions available for this problem but then you must have a clear idea of the root cause of the problem prior to using any of the solutions. This is because the solutions are based on the cause of the problem and they would work for you only if you use the right solution for the right cause of the problem.

Outlook Certificate Error

Causes of Outlook Certificate Error

The Outlook certificate error can occur of any one of the following causes are true:

  • Connection to server needs CA or certification authority
  • The certification authority has not be trusted at the very root level
  • Outlook certificate is not matching with the site name
  • Outlook certificate is revoked or invalid
  • Third party browser add-in or third party add-in might be preventing access

There are resolutions for all the above-mentioned causes behind the Outlook certificate error and we will try and know about these resolutions below.

Solutions for Outlook Certificate Error

Some useful solutions for the Outlook certificate error include:

  • Examining the Outlook Certificate: This is a useful method that can be used by users receiving either error message 1 or error message 2. The certificate should be examined and if it has some issues the system administrator needs to be called in for resolving the issue. For examining the Outlook certificate you need to connect to a secure server or RPC server and click on the Details tab. There are different fields containing information about Outlook certificate. Go through the Valid To field indicating the date of the certificate and its validity. Data available in the Subject field must match with the name of the site.
  • Installing a Trusted Outlook Certificate: This method should be used by users receiving error message 3. For establishing a trusted Outlook certificate you need to click on Install certificate option in the Certificate dialog box and then click Next. Now click on Trusted Certificate Authorities and next click OK. Your final step would be clicking on the Finish option.
  • Disabling third-party browser add-ins or third-party add-ins can also help you in solving Outlook certificate error. For this, you need to start Outlook in safe mode. If you find that Outlook begins successfully in a secure way then a third party add-in is undoubtedly the main culprit. Disable the add-in that is causing the problem and restarts Outlook.

outlook tech support

Contact MS Outlook Tech Support

outlook customer service number

These steps would probably rectify Outlook certificate error. Unluckily though, if the steps do not work for you, call us on our toll-free Microsoft outlook customer service number 1-888-802-4394, and we will be more than happy to help you out. We are available 24×7 for your service. If you wouldn’t like to talk over the phone, you can chat with us through Microsoft Outlook Chat Support or email us with your query. Our outlook customer service experts will get back to you with an immediate and appropriate solution.

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