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October 31, 2017
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October 31, 2017

Outlook is one of the most trusted applications. We wouldn’t want our data to turn into garbage value; it’s better to open Outlook in safe mode. But How to open Outlook in safe mode? Our executives are available to guide you with all the minute details you need to take care of while using Outlook. Call us Microsoft outlook help Toll-Free number 1-888-802-4394

There are many businesses and even individuals that make the efficient use of Outlook for handling their emails meant either for personal use or professional use. There are many helpdesk managers that list Outlook as the first-of-its-kind call generator, software, service or product that leads its users towards calling the helpdesk for resolving problems that they might experience. Opening Outlook in safe mode is the option that many users go for when they find Outlook misbehaving. It is not always necessary to open Outlook in safe mode, but when certain things go wrong, and the installed versions of add-ins fail it to launch, users need to open it in safe mode. This helps them in investigating or disabling the said add-ins. If Outlook functions appropriately in safe mode, then the issue is with any one of the customization files or the add-ins.

Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Why Open Outlook in Safe Mode?

Safe mode is start-up operation mode for the execution of different operating systems and the software associated with the arrangements. Safe mode is also available for Outlook allowing Outlook to recover automatically by doing away with errors that occur during startup. Users look forward to opening Outlook in safe mode mainly when they face problems with Outlook usage. Outlook errors like issues with add-ins or damages in registry settings can quickly be made away with by opening Outlook in safe mode. Opening Outlook in safe mode allows Outlook to detect problems and identify the leading cause of the issues to provide solutions. Majority of the times, opening Outlook in safe mode will enable users to avoid any problem that Outlook might be experiencing completely. Opening Outlook in safe mode will have the application launched without customizations and add-ons allowing the users to work out whether the problems are with them or not.

How to Open Outlook in Safe Mode-The Different Alternatives Available

Different procedures can be followed when trying to open Outlook in safe mode, and the methods are as under:

  • Hold CTRL Key: Holding the CTRL key on the keyboard while clicking Outlook shortcut on the desktop, start screen or taskbar will detect it and ask whether you are looking to open Outlook in safe mode. It is one method that finally works for almost all Outlook versions.
  • Windows 7 or Windows Vista: If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista then you will find a Search Box in the Start Menu. In this search box, you will have to type outlook.exe/safe for opening Outlook in safe mode.

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  • Using the RUN Option: Right click on the Start Menu and click RUN. Now type outlook.exe/safe, and this will open Outlook in safe mode
  • Creating a New Short-Cut: Creating a new shortcut can also help in opening Outlook in safe mode.

Contact MS Outlook Tech Support

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MS Outlook Tech Support has always served its clients with the best possible solution. Customer satisfaction is the best achievement we could receive. Outlook has an ocean full of features that need assistance. Our executives at Outlook Customer Service will help you & guide all around the Outlook application. You just need to call us on our Toll-Free support number 1-888-802-4394, and we’re available to help you. We are also available on Live-Chats to serve you better. Call us now!

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