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October 31, 2017
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October 31, 2017

Microsoft Outlook is widely used, errors occur and get resolved. Some errors need expert’s help like Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented error. Microsoft Outlook customer service helps you get through all your problems and errors. Irrespective of the error being minute or fatal, you simply need to call the executives at 1-888-802-4394. The outlook customer service number is Toll-Free and available 24×7.

Outlook users complain about corruption issues and situations that are not very challenging to deal with. Many Outlook corruption problems are resolvable by merely making use of inbuilt solutions. Outlook Not Implemented is a widespread issue faced by Outlook users. This error occurs when the user hits the Send-Receive button for checking new emails in Outlook. Outlook Not Implemented is an error that can make it difficult for the users to perform send or receive operations. The error pops up on the screen mainly when the settings of Outlook program have gone corrupt or if there is the existence of two different varieties of MS Office installation. The main problem with this error is that it is not purely descriptive and thus it is difficult for the users to understand the reason behind the occurrence of this problem.

Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented

Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented Error and its causes

One of the most common suspects counted as the reason behind Outlook Not Implemented error is the use of a virus scanner that might have automatically integrated with Microsoft Outlook while an email transaction is carried out. Damaged or corrupt SRS file might also be the cause of this problem. This error occurs when receiving and sending emails and this means that the problem is mainly in the procedure that is followed for the transaction of emails.

Solutions for Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented error

Since there are two potential causes of the problem, it is necessary to work towards solving these two possible reasons. First, you can try and disable the antivirus scanner on your system. The antivirus scanner scans emails whenever they are received or sent. Evidently, it can disturb email transactions to a considerable extent. Therefore, it is essential for you to disable the antivirus scanner even if it is not the leading cause of the problem. You can easily disable the antivirus scanner within Outlook. Locate it in the add-ins page and then move on with the process of removing the scanner. You also have the option of disabling the antivirus scanner in the antivirus software. It is entirely your choice.

Outlook customer support number

The second solution to Outlook Not Implemented issue is resetting SRS file. SRS file is the Send and Receive data consisting of the settings for carrying out email transactions. Hence, there are good chances of your emails not being received or sent because the background settings are not available as a result of corruption. Therefore, you need to reset the SRS file for resolving the Outlook Not Implemented problem. Apart from these two solutions for the possible causes of the problem, there are other solutions for the Outlook users to try out. If the above-mentioned solutions do not resolve the problem, then users can try deactivating faulty add-ins in Outlook. This is because corrupt Outlook add-ins can also be the cause of Outlook Not Implemented problem.

Outlook Tech support

Contact MS Outlook Customer Service

ms outlook customer service

Our Tech support department is the best help at hand if you find it a little difficult to solve Outlook Not Implemented issue. Outlook Helpline Number is Toll-Free and available 24×7. Call Outlook Tech Support on 1-888-802-4394. We are available on email as well. If you somehow cannot connect us through phone, you can chat with our executives through Outlook Online-Chat portal.

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