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Outlook is the best email service provider you can get for the professional world. But How to Use Outlook? Outlook can be a mess for the first-time users. Worry not; you can get in touch with Outlook Tech support executives and gain every bit knowledge about Outlook and its features.

Outlook is one email service provider that possesses this dramatic capacity of improving the productivity of a business or an individual by removing the hassle of taking small decisions while streamlining repetitive activities. All this is possible only when Outlook is appropriately used. Chunks of daily work can quickly be executed and delivered within deadline by making the efficient use of Outlook. To be very brief, Outlook works by reducing incidences of decision exhaustion, a condition that arises when individuals are burnt out from working all day. You need to know how to make the best use of the functions and features of Outlook to use it in the best way possible.

How to Use Outlook

Why Master the Use of Outlook?

Mastering the procedure of using Outlook most efficiently and beneficially helps in boosting productivity and in minimizing instances of decision fatigue. Large companies and project managers can use Outlook for managing huge projects. This is because Outlook offers some of the most extensive features required for organizing and managing successful projects. Some of the most fundamental elements of Outlook that can turn to be highly beneficial and useful for managing both large and small projects include:

  • Fully customizable task fields
  • Helpful reminders
  • Assignable to-dos
  • Export function
  • Time tracking
  • Categorization and prioritization
  • Status Updates

How to Use Outlook

So, how do you go about using Outlook?

The steps are as follows:

  • File messages in a single click: The folders available in Outlook are faster when it comes to moving emails.
  • Streamline conversations: There is no need to tolerate folders and have your mind littered with a vast number of messages quoted elsewhere. Outlook can easily be used for cleaning up messages or for streamlining conversations. It helps in moving or deleting redundant emails without going through a lot of hassle.
  • Resend emails: You get the option of resending an email in Outlook for reusing the content of the mail along with its recipients and subject.

Outlook customer service number

  • Try keeping Outlook files snappy and small: Ensuring that your Outlook is snappy and fast requires keeping the main PST file size low. This is the location where Outlook carries out the task of storing contacts, emails, and calendars. Try moving old emails to archive files, and this will make it easier for you to use Outlook.
  • Assign different tasks quickly: If you are working with an employee or a partner, assigning various tasks or activities to each other might turn out to be very simple. Outlook comes with advanced features that make it easier for you to attach different functions while carrying them out in the most hassle-free manner.
  • Set up essential reminders: Using Outlook effectively means setting up reminders as Outlook comes with this essential feature. Outlook gives its users the flexibility of customizing their reminders with specific sounds, date and time.

Get in touch with Outlook Customer service

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Now when you know How to Use Outlook, you can converse with our ms outlook customer service team in case you encounter any doubt. For any hurdle, you face when using Outlook, you can always call us on our Toll-Free Outlook phone number, which is available 24×7. Our Outlook customer care executives are still there at your service, to pull you out from every issue you face while using Outlook. You can even email us your question, and our executives will get back to you. Dial  1-888-802-4394 for an hassle-free MS Outlook help services.

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