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October 31, 2017
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October 31, 2017

Gmail and Outlook go along pretty well. But not every user knows how exactly to use it. If you have issues on How to Forward Outlook to Gmail, then you stepped on the right stone. Contact MS Outlook Tech Support executives through Toll-Free support number 1-888-802-4394.

Gmail and Outlook are the two most widely used email service providers. The advanced versions of Outlook offer customizable rules or protocols that help users in managing their Outlook emails automatically and in getting them forwarded to Gmail. By making use of forwarding protocols or riles, users can easily forward their Outlook emails to their Gmail accounts for keeping others in a loop or for backup. Users who do not apply checking criteria for their emails have Outlook applying forwarding rules to all the mails that they receive. Mails can be forwarded to Gmail from almost any version of Outlook. However, there are a few configuration changes that users need to make in order to carry out the procedure of forwarding emails to Gmail in the smoothest way possible.

Forward Outlook to Gmail

Why Forward Outlook to Gmail?

There are a lot of users who are on the lookout of the steps that they need to follow when it comes to forwarding Outlook to Gmail. This is mainly because they want all their communications in one single electronic inbox. Despite the fact that the forwarding protocols of Outlook are hidden, setting up an automatic forwarding of Outlook mail to Gmail is actually a very straightforward and simple procedure.  Users have the flexibility of using either a web-based platform or a local system for forwarding Outlook to Gmail.

Steps to Forwarding Outlook email to Gmail

Steps that need to be followed in forwarding Outlook emails to Gmail from a web platform are as under:

  • Click the gear-shaped Settings icon for opening a drop-down menu. This will be available on the web-based access to Outlook.
  • Next click Options and next click Forward Your Email option from the list of Shortcuts displayed.
  • Put a check in the option that says Keep a copy of the forwarded message in Outlook web app. Go for this option only if you want to keep a copy of your email in both Outlook and Gmail.
  • Now click on Save option for getting all your future emails forwarded to Gmail.

Outlook Tech support

Steps that need to be followed in forwarding Outlook emails to Gmail from a local system are as under

  • Click on File and then select the Manage Rules & Alerts option.
  • Now click on New Rule in the Email Rules tab.
  • Next click on Apply Rule on Messages I Receive option that you will get on the Start From a Blank Rule section.
  • Click Next and leave all the checkboxes unchecked. Again click Next and click Yes if you get a warning that this rule shall be applied to all the emails that you receive.
  • Out a check mark on the option that says Forward It to People or Public Group.
  • Put in your Gmail address in the To section and then click OK.
  • Put a check mark on the option that says Turn On This Rule
  • Select Finish option.

Contact MS Outlook Support Number

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For any problems faced in forwarding Outlook emails to Gmail either by using a web platform or a local system, you can get in touch with our MS Outlook customer service department. Contact us on our Toll-Free support number 1-888-802-4394. Our executives will solve all your Outlook issues readily. You can even mail us your issues. Microsoft outlook customer service number is active 24X7, you can connect to us at any hour of the day or night.

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