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October 31, 2017
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MS Outlook customer support helps you with all your Outlook related issues, from tiny to the largest. Our executives guide you with all Outlook features from How to use Outlook to How to Export Contacts from Outlook. All you need to do is connect with our executives through phone, email or Online portal.

Do you need to export contacts from outlook? There are many individuals who work in offices where there are several versions of Office installed on the employee computers, and these include Office 2003, Office 2077, Office 2010 and so on. If you switch computers, you might have to export emails and contacts to a different computer. Creating multiple contact folders in Outlook might also have you transporting all of them individually.

Export Contacts from Outlook

It is quite complicated to export contacts from Outlook, and if you are not proficient at this, you always have the option of contacting Outlook Tech Support department for the same. However, the steps mentioned below will also help you in exporting contacts from Outlook without having to call Outlook technical help phone number. Before looking into the steps that can precisely be followed; we will try and have a look at the reason why users might have to export contacts from Outlook.

Reasons behind Exporting Contacts from Outlook

Users need to export contacts from Outlook:

  • When using the contacts in mail merge
  • For creating the invitation list of a particular event
  • For importing them to be used in other applications like CRM or personal email.

Regardless of the reason behind exporting contacts from Outlook, there are several methods of carrying out the procedure depending on the version of Outlook Web or Microsoft Outlook being used by the user. The very first thing that needs to be done is establishing the version of Outlook that is being used by the user. Always remember when contacts are exported from Outlook, a copy of the contacts remains saved to the CSV file or any other file type. This data can further be used for importing contacts to any different mailing account.

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Steps for Exporting Contacts from Outlook

Steps for exporting contacts from Outlook and they include:

  • Choose the File option
  • Open and then Export from the Import/Export option
  • Select Comma Separated Values

This is an important step especially if you are borrowing a computer. Go to the Select folder to export from the box then scroll to top if required and choose Contacts folder that is under your account. Your next step would be selecting the next option.

  • Scroll up and choose the Contacts folder that you are looking to export
  • Next choose Browse, file name and then select OK
  • Give a name to the Contacts file and then confirm the location of the new contacts file
  • Choose the Finish option for starting the export procedure immediately.

Remember that Outlook does not display any message when the export procedure is completed. However, the Export Progress box might go away.

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Contact Us For MS Outlook Tech  Support

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If you have any problems in exporting contacts from Outlook, you can always contact Outlook Support executives 24×7. You can dial our Toll-Free Outlook Tech Helpline  1-888-802-4394. Our executives are also available to help you through Live-Chat portal. If you cannot call us at MS Outlook Tech Support, then you can always connect with us through online chat or email services. We are still there to offer you the best assistance.

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