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Is sending emails to a bunch of contacts at the same time causing trouble? Want to have a more efficient and fast path to send emails? The best way to send emails to multiple contacts is by creating groups. But, How to create a group in Outlook? Worry not, Outlook Tech support is available to help you. Dial Toll-Free Outlook phone number 1-888-802-4394 and contact Outlook Technical Support team.

A contact group which is also known as a distribution list in Outlook can easily be used for sending a particular email to several people- a committee, a project team or merely a group of friends. This can be done without going through the hassle of adding the name or the email address of every recipient each time the user wants to write them. However, creating a contact group in Outlook is one of the first things that Outlook users need to do to, and get the best out of this procedure.

Microsoft Outlook possesses the ability to create a contact group from the Contacts list of its users and then stores this Contact group in the Contacts folder. Creating a contact group in Outlook is a two-step procedure. The first step involves deciding on the storage location of the group and the second step involved adding contacts to the group.

Create a Group in Outlook

Why Create a Group in Outlook?

If you have this tendency or the urgency of sending the same email to a particular group of people on your mailing list, then it is important for you to create a group in Outlook. Creating a group in Outlook will help you in saving a good amount of effort and time. By using this procedure, you can email all your contacts at once. However, it is to be noted that the Contact group feature in Outlook only works for users with school or business accounts.

Contact groups in Outlook are handy when it comes to sending emails to a specific group of individuals in the contacts folder. For this, you will have first to create individual contacts within the folder that says “People.” Make sure that all your contacts have valid email addresses. When users send a certain email to a certain Contact group in Outlook, the mail is received by all the recipients specified in that group.

Steps to Create a group in Outlook

For creating a group in Outlook, you will have the follow the steps that have been mentioned below:

  • Open the folder option that says “People.”
  • Click on the Home tab that you will find in the Ribbon.
  • Now click on New Contact Group in the New button group for opening the Contact Group window.
  • Here, you will find the Name field where you will have to type the name that you want for the group that you are creating.
  • Next click on Add Members option in the Members group found on the Contact Group tab in the Ribbon.
  • Select From Outlook Contacts option in the drop-down menu for opening the Select Members dialog box.
  • This window will show you the names of the contacts within the Contacts folder
  • Choose any contact that you are looking to add to the contact group that you have created.
  • Now click on the Members tab for moving them into the field that is found right at the bottom of the window OR double-click a name for adding it to the field that says “Members.”
  • This is the field that has the names of the members of the Contact Group that you have created.
  • Now click on the OK button that you will find in the dialog box that says “Select Members.”
  • You will find the names of all the members in the Contact Group window.
  • For saving the Contacts Group that you have created, click on Save and Close tab.

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