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October 31, 2017
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October 31, 2017

Changing passwords can eat up your head if you are new with Outlook. The simplest way to change Outlook password or reset Outlook password is to contact our Outlook tech support. Our experts are available to help you 24×7.

  You will have to enter your email address and your password when connecting an account on Outlook. This will have Outlook retrieving and sending emails for you. So, if you think of changing the password for your email then it is necessary for you to change your Outlook password as well. If you fail to do this then Outlook might not be able to access your email account. Data files in Outlook can also remain protected by using a password. All in all, the basic thing is that you can change your Outlook password by changing the password of your Microsoft Account.

Change Outlook Password

Why Change Your Outlook Password?

If you are suspicious of your Outlook email account being viewed by someone without your personal consent then it is time for you to change your Outlook password. It is always a good idea to keep changing password not only for Outlook but even for other accounts frequently and this helps in avoiding theft of personal information. It also helps in avoiding the use of your personal email account for illegal purposes and for sending spam messages. Perhaps, you can also change your Outlook password simply for freshening things up from the point of security. There are many companies that instruct their employees to change their passwords frequently for keeping the security of company data intact. It is to be noted by the users that the procedure of changing Outlook password is quite simple and can easily be done by carrying out some steps.

How to Change Outlook Password

The few simple steps that you need to follow in order to change your Outlook password include:

  • Click File tab and select Info. You will have the Account Information page open.
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Click on Data File and select Outlook Data File option
  • Next click on Settings and you will have the data file settings page open.
  • Now click on the Change Outlook Password option
  • Put in your old password and also create your new Outlook password

Using a web browser to change Outlook password

  • Log into your Outlook email account and then click on the profile picture
  • Next, select the option that says View Account
  • Here you need to click on the option that says Change Password and enter the password that you are using at present.
  • Next click on Sign In.
  • This will have you verify your identity. For the verification of your identity, you need to click on Send Code and enter the code that is sent to your email address or on your mobile device.

Microsoft outlook customer service number

  • Once the procedure of account verification is over, you must enter the password that you are using at present and your new password. Next, you need to click on Confirm.
  • The last step is clicking Next and you will receive an email confirming your password change.

Contact Outlook Tech Help

outlook tech support

If you have any problems in changing your password in Outlook, you can contact our ms outlook customer service department at any hour of the day or the night. Contact us at our Toll-Free customer support number 1-888-802-4394. You can even talk to our executives through the Online-Chat portal. Our experts will help you get through all your Outlook troubles and provide you with effective solutions. Contact us for Microsoft outlook help now!

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