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August 5, 2019
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The Outlook is a commonly used webmail service which synchronizes data on a regular basis whenever the PST files or OST file gets updated. 

However, due to some typical reasons, the sync issues on Outlook arises. If these are the issues you are worried about, then step forward to this article.

In this article, you will get all the vital information regarding the Outlook sync issues. The most common problem that the users face due to this error is sending or receiving email problem on Outlook. 

No matter, whatever be the issues, the first stage to perform is to find out the main reason for the problem. The steps that you need to follow to perform this task are explained below.

Main Reasons which Lead to the Sync Issues on Outlook:

To solve a problem, knowing the exact reason is very important. The steps to find out the main reason for the Outlook sync errors are as follows:

At first, launch the Outlook window on the screen. After that, from the available options (Inbox, Sent Items or Drafts, etc.) under the window, right-click on any folder. 

Next, from the Menu window, select the Properties option. Further, click on the Synchronization tab. Now, under the Synchronization section window look for Statics for this folder. 

Further, follow the below-said details.

  • Last Synchronized on data: The current update changing date must be mentioned here, for example, today’s date)
  • Server folder contains: Numbers of present items
  • Offline folder contains: Numbers of present items

If the numerical value for the Server folder is different from the Offline folder, then you need to proceed further with the “Change Profile Settings” step. To learn the methods, scroll down to the solution part.

However, if the numerical value for the Server folder is similar to the Offline folder, then it means that the Outlook folders are properly synchronized.

Step-by-Step Guidance to Solve the Outlook Synchronization Error:

As said at the top of this article, if the sync issues Outlook arises (that is, the Server folder contains value is not matched with the Offline folder contains), then the first step to proceed with is Change Profile Settings. 

So, let’s begin with the listed below steps to resolve the issue.

Step 1: Change Profile Settings

The steps to verify and to modify the Outlook profile settings are as follows:

First of all, open the Outlook window, and then navigate to the File tab. Under the File tab, select the Account Settings option. Next, click on Data Files. Here, you need to ensure that the account name is set to default.

Further, click on the Email tab under the Outlook window. Next, click on the Mailbox option. 

After that, click on the Account name and then select Change. Here, you need to confirm that the checkbox for Use Cached Exchanged Mode is active. However, if not, then turn the said checkbox active and click on OK.

At last, save the changes, click on Close and exit the Account Settings window. Next, close the Outlook application and reopen it to check if the issue gets resolved or not. However if not, then proceed further.

Step 2: Re-synchronize Outlook Folders

After following step 1, if the sync issues Outlook persists, then to solve it, you need to re-synchronize Outlook folders. The steps to perform this step are as follows:

Go to the Tools tab under the Outlook window. Next, click on the Options option. After that, under the Options dialog box, go to the Mail Setup tab and then enable the checkbox for “Send immediately when connected” that is present under the Send/ Receive section.

Further, click on the Send/ Receive tab under the Options dialog box. Here, you need to ensure that the “Perform an automatic Send/ Receive when existing” option is selected. 

Next, click on the Close button and then on OK to exit the window. Hopefully, after trying this step, you will get the issue resolved.

And if still, the error exists, then do not worry and try the further step.

Step 3: Remove Contents of the Sync Issues\ Local Failures Folder

In case, after trying all the above steps, if you cannot synchronize any of the Outlook folders at all, then try to remove the contents of the Sync Issues\ Local Failures folder. 

The steps are very simple to follow and these are as follows:

The first thing to remove the contents of the Sync Issues\ Local Failures folder is that you need to make the folder visible. After launching the Outlook window, click on the Folder List icon that is present at the extreme bottom left-hand corner. 

Then, click on the All Outlook Items tab. This will open up the list of folders in the left-hand panel. From the available folders list, expand the folder named as Sync Issues. 

Click on the “+” symbol beside to Sync Issues to expand. The sub-folders under Sync Issues are Conflicts, Local Failures, and Server Failures.

Delete all the contents under the Sync Issues folder, and even from the Deleted Items folder. Next, exit the Outlook window and reopen it. This method will lose emails, in place of synchronizing. 

Further, to recover the lost emails in Outlook, you need to quickly click on Recover lost email under the Outlook window.

All these are the complete solutions for the sync issues on Outlook. Hopefully, after trying the above steps, you will get the problem resolved. The better option to get the problem solved is to come in contact with a professional.

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