How To Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc92: Quick And Simple Fixes
August 5, 2019
[Fixed] Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e
January 20, 2020

One of the most annoying issues of MS Outlook is the “Send/Receive error”. While trying to send emails through the Outlook account, users may get stuck with some unexpected error notification that says “send/receive error Outlook.”

This error is a major concern for Outlook users. If you are one of them, then you must overcome this situation as soon as possible. 

Here, in this post, we are going to share some of the simple solutions to get rid of this issue. However, before going to the troubleshooting section, you should know the proper reasons for this error.

Major Causes of Outlook Send/Receive Error

Various causes are there behind the appearance of “Send/Receive error” on your Outlook profile. But, the listed reasons are the most obvious ones. 

  • Corrupted or damaged PST files
  • Improper installation of Outlook application
  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Third-party add-ins
  • Malware or virus infection
  • Incorrect Outlook account settings

Apart from these, there can be some other reasons which are also responsible for this Outlook error. The error arises due to accessing the incorrect password that is being cached in Credential storage. 

Furthermore, wrong or improper installation of the Windows Operating System can be another possible reason behind the Outlook error.

How to Terminate Outlook 2016 Send Receive Error?

After identifying the principal causes, you can efficiently deal with the “Outlook Send/Receive error.” 

Usually, a restart of the device might resolve this error. So, before proceeding with any of the technical hacks, you should restart the Outlook application and the device. 

After that, verify whether the issue gets removed or not. If the error still appears, then continue with the undermentioned steps.

Solution 1: Launching Outlook in Safe Mode

As we have already referenced that the “Send/Receive” can occur because of the third party include ins introduced.

In the event you are using any third-party add-ins, you require to navigate at propelling Outlook in the experimental model. Here are the steps by which you can perform this action.

  • At first, hold the Windows and R key altogether in order to initiate the Run box. Once the Run box opens, enter “Outlook/Safe” and hit the OK button.
  • Once the Outlook application opens, try to send an email and review whether the error still remains or not.

Note- After launching Outlook in Safe Mode, if the issue has been resolved, then you should remove the ad-ins. To do so, navigate to the File section and choose the Options from the menu. Then, click on the Add-ins option from the left side panel and hit the Delete/Remove All button.

Solution 2: Flush DNS

In certain circumstances, the issue can be related to the DNS arrangement. On such occasions, you have to flush the DNS. Make sure that you are utilizing a head account. 

Primarily, go to the Start button and then type “cmd” into the search box. After that, right-click on it and select the “Run As Administrator” option from the resultant menu. It will launch the Command Prompt with administrative privileges.

Once the Command Prompt window opens, type “ipconfig/flushdns” into it and hit the Enter key.

After executing the command, you must reboot your Windows device to let the new changes take effect. 

Solution 3: Re-configure the Profile Settings

Go to the Start Menu and search for Control Panel and then click on it from the search results. In the Control Panel window, set the View By to the Large icons. 

Afterward, select the Mail option and go to the Mail Setup window. Now, click on the Show Profiles” option. Then, choose your profile and click on the Properties.

Now, click on the Email Account and hit the Change button from the resultant menu. In the Change Account window, choose the “More Settings” that is located on the bottom right side of the corner.

Navigate to the Security section and make sure that the Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange is selected.

Save the new changes by hitting the Ok button twice. After performing this action, verify whether the issue still exists or not.

Solution 4: Edit Registry Files

The Outlook 2016 send receive error can arise due to te damaged or corrupted registry files. If you have a backup of the Windows Registry files, then you can restore the registry files that will help you overcome this error.

However, keep in mind that editing the Registry Files is quite complicated. Therefore, a minor mistake can damage your entire device. 

To edit the Registry files, locate the Windows Home key on your keyboard and then press it along with the R button. After that, write “regedit” into the Search field and hit the Enter button.

Now, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. Thereafter, browse through the ProfileList IDs and search for the  ProfileImagePath. 

Here, if you find any corrupted registry files, then hit the “Remove/Delete” button ad confirm it by clicking on the OK button.

Now, do the necessary changes and hit the Apply and OK button to approve the new changes. Close the Registry Editor and select the Restart button.

Solution 5: Reset the Navigation Pane

To reset the navigation pane, close the Outlook application and then press the Windows Home key along with the R key. Then, open the Run box and type “Outlook.exe/resetnavpane” into it and hit the Enter key.

Solution 6: Turn Off the DEP

Data Execution Prevention is a built-in feature that protects your device from different security threats. It also repairs the damages that are caused by malware or virus. 

But, it is not completely compatible with each version of Windows. So in such cases, you need to turn off this feature.

At first, Sign in to the Windows with Administrator rights. Then, press both of the Windows Home key and R key at the same time. Now, write “sysdm.cpl” into the Run box and hit the Enter button or tap on the OK button.

Navigate to the Advanced tab and click on the Settings. In the Settings window, choose the “Data Execution” tab and locate the option “Turn On DEP For All ProgramsAnd Services Except Those I Select.”

Now, click on it and hit the Add button. Browse and select al the executable .exe files that are triggering the “Outlook Send/Receive” error. Hit the OK button and close all the tabs.

Solution 7: Repair the Outlook Installation

If none of the above solutions helped you get rid of this error, then you can try out this solution.

At times, the blunder can be alluding to the MS Outlook establishment. To resolve this matter, go through the steps as mentioned below.

Go to the Start menu and click on the “Apps and Features” from the list of items. Now, in the Apps And Features section, locate the Microsoft Outlook and click on it. Then, hit the drop-down menu and choose the Modify button.

Choose the “Quick Repair” button and follow the further guidelines to complete the repair process. Finally, reboot your device to save the new changes successfully.

Concluding Remarks

In the above section, we have mentioned all the possible fixes for the Outlook error. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you to overcome the Outlook error. 

But, if you have any further queries regarding the “Outlook send/receive” error, then you can post your queries in the comment section below.

In case, if you are a non-tech savvy person and do not have enough confidence to perform the above steps, then it is better to seek experts’ assistance for resolving this matter. 

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