Outlook Connect Error 10060 – The Simple DIY Guide
November 29, 2018

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular choices among people around the world for web mailing. This web mailing system is as comprehensive as it gets and everybody, form students to working professionals use this. But like every other software, this too is prone to errors just as much. The Outlook Error 3219 is one of those error messages that you might get from time to time.

The fact is that you’ll be able to solve this particular error on your own with the proper instructions. That is what you’ll find here in this article and with these instructions. You’ll be able to solve the Outlook error 0x8de00005 in no time whatsoever.

Outlook Error 3219

Probable Causes Of The Outlook Error 3219

Every technical glitch that you may come across, can have one or many reasons. It is the same case for Outlook error 3219, where you’ll come across this issue in the form of an error message.

Since Outlook has a lot of different features, giving you a lot of usefulness for different kinds of web mailing activities. All of that will be at a halt as when an error message appears, the software would not be able to carry out the usual tasks.

What is happening is that Windows Live Mail from your computer is not being able to connect to Hotmail. This doesn’t just happen by itself and such an issue has its roots in configuration errors. When you set up the Windows Live mail on your computer to connect to the mail system. Also to synchronize with it, both through the HTTPS protocol.

This is not the most versatile of the different options available, thus leaving you exposed to a lot of problems. The Outlook error 3219 is just one of the many that might occur because of this.

You might come across this error in a situation like that and it can feel frustrating. So, in the next section, there is the full stepwise guide to troubleshoot this error code.

How To Fix The Outlook Error 3219

The ideal thing for using Outlook is to have the account set to an IMAP or POP type account. So, what we’ll have to do is just create a new account of the IMAP or the POP type. This is undoubtedly the better choice than the others because of its compatibility with multiple devices.

Here are the instructions that you’ll need to solve the Outlook Error 3219 issue.

Click on the Accounts tab and then click on the “+” key with the “@” mark.
Then, put in your e-mail, password and the username for that Outlook account.
Now on the window that appears, check the box next to the Manually Configure Server Settings option.

Within the Incoming Server Information section, set ‘IMAP’ as the server type.
Type in ‘outlook.office365.com’ in the Server Address field and 993 in the Port field.
Check the box next to the Requires a secure connection SSL option.
In the Outgoing Server Information section, type in smtp-mail.outlook.com for server address and 587 in the port section.
Check the two boxes with the Requires a secure connection SSL and Requires Authentication titles.
Then click on Next, you’d be done with the process and there’ll be the new Windows Live Mail account which you’ll get to see on the left.
From there onwards, you’d be able to select and move all the mail information from the previous account to the new one. In case you want to get rid of the older account, you can do that by clicking on the Remove Account option.

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