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November 29, 2018
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November 29, 2018

One of the most important things in modern corporate communication is email. There are many services that one can opt for and one will be better than the other. But still, all thing considered, one of the best among them is definitely Outlook by Microsoft. This web mailing service has plenty of features that have proven to be very useful. And because of these reasons, Outlook has been really popular among the masses. Nevertheless, it is not totally free of trouble and there are many kinds of technical glitches that you may come across. The Outlook Connect Error 10060 happens to be one of those.

If you’ve come across this particular error, then don’t worry at all as you’ll be able to fix this all by yourself. And in order to do that, we have put together an instructional guide in this article. And also you’ll find out why you’re getting the Outlook Error 10060.

Outlook Connect Error 10060

The Cause Of The Outlook Connect Error 10060

This is one of the many error messages that you might come across which indicates certain issues. The Outlook Connect Error 10060, in particular, indicates issues with server timeout. As in the server is not being able to channel the information in the right way.

And when this happens, you get this kind of an error message, but it is definitely not as straightforward as that. The issue is most likely going to be that with the settings of the software system. This can happen due to multiple different reasons.

One of them is a faulty installation of Outlook, which carries along with it a lot of corrupt system files. Presence of some of these within your system can definitely cause the Outlook Connect Error 10060.

Another source of such corrupt system files is virus and malware which when get into your software from sources unknown. Can definitely give you error messages indicating system errors. Also, Microsoft Outlook like any other software positively needs certain files. If they aren’t available for any reason, you’ll definitely face error messages of this sort.

So, it could be any of these different things but doesn’t matter what the reason is, here is the solution that you’ll need for this issue.

How To Solve The Outlook Connect Error 10060 Issue

These are the steps that you’ll need to carry out in succession in order to fix this particular Outlook Connect Error 10060 issue –

Go ahead and open up Microsoft Outlook. Once there, open up the Tools option and from there, select Account Settings. In the window that opens up, select your account and click on Change. Another window will come up from there where you’ll find the Advanced tab. Click on it to open it up. Check the port settings and confirm it by clicking on the OK button. There, you’ll be done with this process and thus you’ll solve the Outlook server connection error once and for all. But in case this doesn’t work, there is another thing that you can try.

Deactivating The Firewall is also another method to resolve this error. You can deactivate the firewall through this method. First Go to the control panel of your computer and Look for the security option and under that, look for the firewall setting. Once you’ve got there, choose the option to deactivate the Firewall.

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