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June 16, 2019
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While using the Outlook application on a macOS based system, users have encountered several types of errors and the Outlook error code 3253 is one of them.

Usually, this error appears in the application when the user tries to send a mail through it. The user notes that they are able to receive email without any issue. Further, the sent emails go into the outgoing box with a pending status and the error code.

An error like this restricts the email sending process thus, can become a very big hurdle in your email communication. Hence, you should remove this error as soon as possible. And to do that you can follow this article.

Here, we have provided every effective and possible solution to this error. But before entering into the solution section, we suggest you have a look at its major causes.

Reason of the Outlook Error Code 3253

In this section, we have explained about those problematic factors which can generate this error in the Outlook application. Have a look at those factors.

  1. Usually, this error appears on the Outlook application when the user tries to send an email and the connection between the server and app fails. 
  2. Another main factor of this error is the numbers of sent emails. If the user tries to send too many emails, then it can put a lot of stress on the server-client communication and lead to this error.
  3. The next issue that can trigger the Outlook error code 3253 is the setting misconfiguration. Most of the time, users are unable to set up their Outlook profile or account profile and encounter varies types of error.
  4. In a majority of cases, damaged or corrupted Outlook application on Mac is a prime factor of this error. 

Now, if you must have a brief idea on the major causes of the Outlook error code 3253 then let’s have a look at its solutions.

Solution for the Outlook Error Code 3253

In order to resolve the Outlook error code 3253 on your Mac OS-based, you need to follow the given steps properly.

  1. Click on the Spotlight search glass and then type “terminal” on it. The Terminal app shortcut option will come up on the result section. Click on that option to launch the app.
  2. Now, in the  Terminal window, type “defaults delete com.microsoft.Outlook” and hit the Enter key. This command line will delete the old Outlook preferences.
  3. Then, type “killall cfprefsd” and hit the Enter key. This will eliminate cached preferences of the Outlook application.

Once you have done that, launch the Outlook application and then test the status of the error by sending a mail from your Outlook. The app should start working again without any hindrance.

We hope that our article was able to provide you enough information on the Outlook error 3253. If you need more info on this Outlook error, then keep following our upcoming article.

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