Whenever Outlook stops working, your vital business communication gets interrupted. Thus, to prevent such miseries we, Outlook Support team are giving some troubleshooting tips for your Outlook Problem.

Outlook Support Numbers

Outlook Support Numbers:

Outlook is a personal information manager by Microsoft. It is more than a simple email service provider; it also works as a calendar tool, a contact manager, and a task manager.You can also integrate add-ins to it which makes its working even more efficient. But sometimes it is possible your Outlook’s normal working gets interrupted due to any error. Then, for that particular time, here is the list of some troubleshooting tips for you:

  • PST-a solution of almost every Outlook Problem

Whenever you are facing trouble with your Outlook, the first you should do is to scan your PST file. Basically, PST errors are due to the mistake of developer and when such errors happen this will prevent your Outlook from working normally. Scanning of PST file will take some time as at first back of your data will be taken then errors will be searched and at last founded errors will be repaired.

  • Archive- an alternate option

Archiving data or your PST file will prevent your Outlook from getting slow. As when the size of your PST file becomes large, it’s better to archive it (by year), so that your Outlook will continue its working normally.

  • OST-renaming it will solve your problem

Renaming OST file will help you since this folder is caching your data locally. And when you change the extension of any file from .ost to any other name like .old so when next time Your Outlook opens, it will rebuild that .ost file and it will work as the new file.

  • Add-ons-not always a benefit

Add-ons which contains bugs or poorly written, when added to your Outlook will prevent it from performing its task with normal ease. So, if your Outlook is not performing its task properly since you added any add-on, then, in that case, you should try to reboot it after removing that add-on.

  • Safe Mode-helps you to work in critical situation

You can call us or ping us in an emergency. As Outlook will work smoothly in safe mode without any interruptions but the only thing which will bother you that few features of Outlook and it’s add-ons won’t work in Safe mode. The other side of the coin is this sometimes helps you to find the faulty add-ons or any other issue which is preventing the normal working of your Outlook.

  • Calendar Permissions-changing them will come up as a treat

If you want to share your calendar with other then before sending the invitation to the selected candidates. You need to change permissions of your calendar otherwise they can only see your calendar but couldn’t be able to make changes to it.

And to do so, open the calendar, right click on the shared calendar and go to permission tab under properties tab. And then, add users to your calendar and allows them to access your calendar by giving them corresponding rights from viewing to owning your calendar.For any other help contact us at Outlook Support Numbers or Outlook Support

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