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October 31, 2017
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October 31, 2017

Accessing your Gmail account from Outlook account. You just need to do some settings to add Gmail to Outlook. Or you can simply get in touch with MS Outlook customer service team and get your Gmail accessed from your Outlook account.

Gmail is one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing an email service provider. You can access your Gmail account almost anywhere by making the effective use of an email application on your mobile device or by logging into Gmail.com. However, you also have the option of using Outlook for accessing Gmail. For this, you will have to add Gmail to Outlook. If you make use of Outlook for checking and managing your emails then you can carry out the process of adding Gmail to Outlook very easily.

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Reasons to Add Gmail to Outlook

You can easily set up your Gmail account allowing you to synchronize mail through different machines by making use of email clients in place of a browser. There is just a quick set up procedure that you need to go through in order to start using your Gmail through Outlook. This will probably bring in some sanity into your inbox. Adding Gmail to Outlook makes it easier for users to access their Gmail account even when they are using Outlook. Here it is important for you to note that adding Gmail to Outlook requires logging into one’s Gmail account and then accessing settings menu for changing IMAP settings. Making use of IMAP for adding Gmail to Outlook means you will not be getting the same messages several times and you will also not be losing messages.

How to Add Gmail to Outlook

The steps that need to be followed in adding Gmail to Outlook include:

  • Enabling Outlook and IMAP access in Google. This will connect Gmail to Outlook.
  • The next step is logging into Google Apps account and clicking the gear option for accessing the settings.
  • Now you need to click on the radio button for enabling IMAP. Users have the option of leaving the default settings for different additional options appearing unless their specifically want to make any changes.
  • Changes need to be saved
  • A link will appear that needs to be clicked for allowing Gmail to log into Outlook account.
  • Users need to ensure that their accounts are unlocked and this will have them ready to set up Gmail in Outlook.

Users need to configure Gmail to properly work with Outlook and the steps for this procedure include:

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  • Open Outlook and then go to File and click on Settings
  • Visit Account Settings and then choose New
  • The action needs to be confirmed by clicking the Next option and then choosing Manual Setup
  • Fill in the Add Account page with necessary details and click on More Settings
  • Connection details need to be filled in and you are ready to use Gmail with Outlook

Contact MS Outlook Support

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For any problems faced with the procedure of Gmail configuration with Outlook, you always have the scope of calling us on our Toll-Free MS Outlook Support Phone Number **1-888-802-4394**. Our Tech Support experts are available 24×7. You can even Chat with our experts through Live-Chat. Get in touch with us for outlook help!

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